Chicago Patient Care
The Doctor is In.
DL Healthcare is the home healthcare provider of choice because we have a board certified MD and a registered nurse paralegal on staff to ensure proper and specialized care for our clients.

The Personal Touch

Let us Ease your Burden.
We offer personal assistance with grooming, laundry, housekeeping and companionship. We also provide a physician, podiatry, and beautician home visits as needed. Let us arrange for your transportation to and from your appointments, handle your grocery shopping, and provide general handyman services around your home.

We also have a registered dietician on hand to provide nutrition planning and meal preparations.

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Chicago Patient Care ::
Chicago Long Term Care Specialist

Our Committment to You
Assessment of Clients
DL Comprehensive Healthcare Services provides high-quality, costeffective care through a staff of skilled professionals.

We work closely with each patient, family and physician to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes education and support services to patients and their caregivers. The goal of our multidisciplinary approach is to promote patient independence, plus physical and emotional well-being.

Our commitment to excellence in service assures you that our staff meets all professional, educational and training requirements.

We are licensed in Illinois, certified to provide Medicare services, and accredited by the Illinois Homecare Council and American Nurses Association.
In our Customized Care Plan we perform a free comprehensive assessment of each client's physical, emotional and environmental needs.

  • We Assess the needs of the client involving their family and significant others.

  • We match caregiver skills to client needs and let you choose your caregiver.

  • We evaluate each caregiver with an extensive screening process, including a criminal background check.

  • We determind options for coordinating other medical services.

  • We Provide a thorough assessment of placement alternatives, including short-term and long-term care plans.