Our Services
Our comprehensive suite of services
ensures a wide range of specialized care while providing flexibility and support for our clients:
   RN for evaluations and care

   RN Supervision of Caregivers

   RN Coordination with Physician

   RN Medication and Blood Draws

   RN Paralegal

   Certified Nurse Assistants

   Homemaker Services

   Health IV Life Fitness Programs

   Care and Counseling

   Psyciatric Services & Evaluations

   Live-in, Hourly, Weekend Care

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Chicago Health Care Services::
Long Term Health Care Services In Chicago

Care Management
We are everywhere. Care is available at home, in the hospital, it a retirement community, or a nursing home and we offer hospital or nursing home discharge planning.

Healthcare, Counseling and Financial Services. DL Healthcare provides assesment for other medical services such as physical/occupational therapy and licensed clinical social work. We support and advise family members with regular updates to ensure the entire family is supported. Let us ease your burden with written reports for lawyers, physicians, courts, and trust departments. While many clients turn to us for assesments of equipment needs, safety, assistive devices and medical supplies, we also gladly perform financial management services, bill payments and tax services.